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A stunning 6.5 billion plastic caps are consumed around the world, every day. Blue Ocean Closures aims to reduce that number by providing screw caps and seals based on cellulose fibre. The company’s first production plant in Sweden was opened on 24 November.

The Vancouver-based company says there will be curtailments at all of its solid wood facilities in B.C. and Alberta.

This project breathes new life into land that is no longer viable for agriculture while providing alternate sources of income to rural landowners within Enviva’s operating footprint

NAPANEE, Ontario- Unifor members at Strathcona Paperworks voted 94% in favour of strike action as negotiations with their employer have stalled.

A British Columbia Supreme Court judge has upheld more than $343,000 in cost-recovery fines that were handed to a forestry company for starting a wildfire in 2016.

The extreme cold weather that's gripped Alberta in recent years has done wonders to protect trees in the province by killing destructive bugs.

Cartonboard has experienced significant growth over the last couple of years. It currently makes up about 17% of the global paper and board market – the second leading grade behind containerboard.

In the November 28th New York Times Magazine article, Where Does All the Cardboard Come From? I Had to Know, writer Matthew Shaer does a deep dive on what he refers to as the “cardboard economy” – everything from the history of who invented it, how it’s made, and its global marketplace.

Throughout 2022, we’ve seen the Pulp and Paper industry go above and beyond to place sustainability matters at the forefront of its priorities.

Over the last three months, FPInnovations hosted four webinars centered around the topic of carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) within the context of the pulp and paper industry in Canada.

Members and affiliates of FPInnovations’ Forest Operations and Wood Products programs recently had the opportunity to attend several online presentations related to reducing carbon emissions:

When the term inflation is in the news, panic, confusion and speculation tend to fill the air. While most people understand that inflation means rising prices, they tend to stop there and assume they need to cut costs immediately.

Runtech Systems will supply a vacuum system rebuild to Norske Skog Golbey PM1 in France. The delivery includes eight RunEco EP600 Turbo Blowers with EcoDrop water separators and two low vacuum blowers.

During the summer, most of the leading shippers announced their annual peak season surcharges and retailers were already braced for expected increases.

Since 1994, Canmec Division La Baie has been a major player in the North American pulp and paper industry, specializing in the design, manufacture and repair/covering of paper machine rolls. Canmec has designed and/or repaired more than 5,500 rolls that are currently in operation.

A new study commissioned by Cepi to AFRY, a Scandinavian firm supplying engineering and advisory services, shows the untapped further potential for paper mills to function as renewable energy hubs.

More vacuum alone may not be the answer

On 11 November 2022, Toscotec has started up two tissue machine rebuilds at the production facilities of two major producers in North and South America.

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During the induction ceremony at PPC’s recent Fall Meeting in Austin, TX, Brodie laid out her strategic direction for the association for 2023 and beyond.

Through continued innovation and collaboration with brand owners, Ahlstrom has identified specific technology enabling highly developed base papers – the key to solving the barrier requirements in flexible packaging, while still utilizing the inherent end-of-life benefits that paper has to offer.

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